Sustainability Calculator

CO2 Optimized Retail Campaigns


We measure, gain insights and optimize. Our data-driven approach creates transparency for retail. In quantifying the environmental impact throughout the project process, we can enable more sustainable decisions in all phases of the value cycle, resulting in an optimized carbon footprint of retail campaigns.

Our dashboards can give insight into individual projects or over several projects at the same time and allow for active CO2 budgeting and tracking. All resulting sustainability reporting is powered by Code Gaia.


Our trusted partner DEKRA is a leading sustainability advisor and auditor. They verify our data and calculations, guaranteeing a standardized, reliable result – in accordance with ISO 14040/44.


​​The core of the CO2 calculation is our very own EcoRetail Database, which contains the critical emission factors for all commonly used materials, production processes and more within retail marketing. Connecting these datasets with our campaign rollout data enables us to visualize the impact of all design decisions in quantified metrics, and offer sustainable alternatives.


Code Gaia is an intuitive, automated and holistic ESG Software as a Service provider.Its AI-based software engine builds APIs to existing ERP solutions and automatically calculates CCFs (corporate carbon footprint).EU CSR-Directive compliant.

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